Born in Osaka Japan, 1978, a third generation Zainichi Koreanresiding in Japan. After graduating in photography from the Visual Arts College Osaka, KIM insook traveled to Korea where KIM studied painting, photography and images at the Graduate School of Arts of Hansung University, receiving her M.A. in 2005. Currently lives and works in Seoul and Tokyo.

KIM insook highlights the problems of identity, community, race and family that arise when living in the gap between different cultures.

KIM insook has held 11 solo exhibitions in Korea and abroad from 2002, including at Gwangju Museum of Art in Korea. KIM has been invited to participate in numerous art festivals and group exhibitions in Japan and abroad, including, FOTOFO international photo festival in Slovakia, Haikou International Youth Experimental Arts Festival in China, Daegu photo Biennale in Korea, and Mori Art Museum in Japan.

KIM insook was in Artist in Residency, including MMCA (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) Residency in Korea. And KIM's work collected in Museums, including, 47 of work are collected in "Ha Jung-woong Collection" Gwangju Museum of Art, and 11 of work collected in Tokyo Photographic Art Museum.



2005 M.A. in Painting, Photography & Images, Hansung University, Graduate School of Arts, Seoul, Korea

2002 Graduated from Photography Course, Visual Arts Osaka

2000 Graduated from Faculty of Liberal Arts, Osaka Shoin Women's University



Solo Exhibitions

2018 "Between Breads and Noodles," BMW photo space, GoEun Foundation GoEun Museum of Photography and BMW MINI Dongsung Motors, Busan, Korea

2015 "House to Home," CAN (Contemporary Art Network) foundation Old House, Seoul, Korea

2014 "Retelling Tales of the Cherry Blossoms," MIO Photo Award Prime, Tennoji MIO, Osaka, Japan

2013 "Retelling Tales of the Cherry Blossoms," Canon plex Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2008 "SAIESEO: between two Koreas and Japan," Gallery ILLUM, Seoul, Korea

2008 "sweet hours," Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, Korea

2007 "sweet hours," Café Sukkara, Seoul, Korea

2005 "sweet hours," Art space HUE, Seoul, Korea

2004 "letter to you," STUDIO EARKA, Osaka, Japan

2002 "Chang - window, song, blue -," KONICA PLAZA, Tokyo, Japan

"Chang," Beats Gallery, Osaka, Japan



Group Exhibitions

2020 "Exultation is the going," BUoY, Tokyo, Japan

2018 "I know something about love, asian contemporary photography," TOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC ART MUSEUM, Tokyo, Japan

2018 "AS_pedia project Vol.2," Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

2018 "#Selfie ̶ The people who take picture by themselves," Changwon Cultural Foundation Seongsan Art Hall, Changwon, Korea

2017 "Sensation Photography: Focus on Korean Documentary," Photoville 2017, Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, New York, USA

2017 "Famiy Report," Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, Korea

2017 "#Selfie ̶ The people who take picture by themselves," Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

2016-17 16th Ha jung woong Young Artists Invitation Exhibition "Light 2016," Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, Korea

2015-16 "EAST ASIAN VIDEO FRAME Seoul," Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland

2015-16 Lille3000 "Séoul, vite, vite!," Lille, France

2014-15 "Go-Betweens: The World Seen through Children," Mori Art Museum, Tokyo; Nagoya City Art Museum; Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum; The Museum of Art, Kochi, Japan (traveling exhibition)

2015 "AS_pedia Project vol.1," Gallery Purple, Gyeonggi, Korea Seoul Photo Festival

2015 "A Great Journey," Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2015 "Me in Wonderland," The Museum of Photography, Seoul, Korea MMCA Residency Goyang

2015 "EX-Air," National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Seoul, Korea International Contemporary Art Project Ulsan

2015 ART PROJECT ULSAN "KIM Insook & KIM Mi-Jin exhibition," Gallery Yoo, Ulsan, Korea

2015 Ha Jung-woong collection Tour "Great Heritage," Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, Korea

2015 "Open Studio 10," MMCA (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) Residency Goyang, Korea

2015 "I Don't Belong," GALLRY H., Taipei, Taiwan

2014 "JeokJaeJeokSo 積材積所," MMCA(National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) Residency Goyang, Korea

2014 Haikou International Youth Experimental Arts Festival "Haikou Reflection," Hainan, China

2014 Daegu Photo Biennale, "Encounter III," Daegu, Korea

2014 "HELLO STRANGERS," SPACE K Daegu, Daegu, Korea

2014 "Korea8 KIM Insook & MATSUMOTO Ruri exhibition," Atelier am Eck, Düsseldorf, Germany

2014 "KT&G Sangsangmadang Chuncheon Opening Exhibition," Chuncheon, Korea

2014 "Five Views from Korea," Noorderlicht House of photography, Groningen, the Netherlands

2014 MMCA(National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) Residency Goyang "INTRO," MMCA Seoul, Korea

2013 "SOCIAL ART," Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, Korea

2013 12th Donggang International Photo Festival, "Youth Collection," DongGang Museum of photography, Yeongwol, Korea

2013 MMCA (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) Residency Changdong Community project artist exhibition "Changdong Samgeori," Seoul, Korea

2013 The national network of municipal art museums "Art of Prayers ̶ Special exhibition of Ha Jung-woong collection," Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul; Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, Korea

2013 "Artist's Portfolio," SAVINA MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Seoul, Korea

2013 Sajin Bipyong (Photography Criticism) Award the past winners Exhibition "Succeeding," TOPOHAUS ART CENTER, Seoul, Korea

2012 Hong Kong International Photo Festival "Parallel Visions: Japan and Korea Contemporary photography exhibition," Hong Kong Arts Center, Wanchai, Hong Kong

2011 Seoul Photo Festival Special Exhibition II "Photo Review Finalists Exhibition," Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2011 "U.K.I.E: VER," AM gallery, Brighton, UK "Time without borders," Art space HUE, Paju, Korea

2011 "Time without borders," Art space HUE, Paju, Korea

2009 "The Trace of Time ̶ 10 Years of Sajin Bipyong Awards," Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2009 "Asian Age project exhibition SISIBIBI," Alternative Space Geonhi, Seoul, Korea

2009 "Art in Busan: Inter-city," Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea

2008 "Art Court Frontier 2008 #6," ARTCOURT Gallery, Osaka, Japan

2006 16th Festival Month of Photography 2006 FOTOFO "Contemporary Korean Photography: Korea New Days," Bratislava, Slovakia

2005 "Seoul Exhibition of Young Artists," Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2005 "Lyric Metaphor," +Gallery, NAGOYA, Japan

2005 "Asian Age Project 2005 ̶ Photo movie & Talk live Age 2," Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation Art Center, Suwon, Korea

2004 "6th Sajin Bipyong (Photography Criticism) Award winners exhibition," Delim Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

2003 The Month of Photography, Tokyo 2003 "IN & OUT," Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (currently Tokyo Photographic Art Museum), Tokyo, Japan




2014 The Artist for KAP (Korean Artist Project) 2014, The Korean Art Museum Association, Korea

2013 MIO Photo Award Prime, nominated by KASAHARA Michiko, Osaka, Japan

2012 Daegu Photo Biennale Photo Review "Encounter '12," Finalists, Korea

2011 Seoul Photo Festival Photo Review Finalists, Korea

2004 6th Sajin Bipyong (Photography Criticism) Award Prize, Korea

2003 Konica Foto Premio, Japan




2018 "FOUND of International exchange exhibition," Arts Council Korea, (AS_pedia project)

2016 "Making Space with Culture ̶ Oryu Middle School," Korea Craft & Design Foundation, Korea

2015 "EAST ASIAN VIDEO FRAME Seoul," Seongbuk Cultural Foundation, Korea

2015 "ByeolBeyol Art project," Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Korea (AS_pedia project)

2008 "Culture and art promotion fund," Arts Council Korea, Korea

2005 "Gyeonggi Art Center project," Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Korea (Asian Age project)

2004 "Yong Artists Group exhibition," Parkgeonhi Foundation, Korea (Asian Age project)



Residency Programs

2015 Old House Reborn Project, CAN (Contemporary Art Network) Foundation, Seoul, Korea

2014-15 MMCA (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) Residency Goyang, Korea

2014 Residency Studio by the Cultural Office of the City of Düsseldorf, International exchange artist, Germany

2013 MMCA Residency Changdong, Community art project, Korea



Public Collections



Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art MUSEUM, Korea


Gwangju Museum of Art, Korea

CAN (Contemporary Art Network) Foundation, Korea

"Ha Jung-woong Collection," Gwangju Museum of Art, Korea