The Real Wedding Ceremony 2016



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The Real Wedding Ceremony is a story about the expanding family. Since antiquity, wedding ceremonies have been involved in the formation of new families. Having originated from various cultures, the forms of weddings evolve with cultural changes in any given society. As a granddaughter of Korans who immigrated to Japan in the 1920s, the artist has attended many different kind of weddings, before and after moving to the Republic of Korea in 2003. 

The formalities and foods will vary between a family festival (a gathering of relatives before a wedding, a tradition in Jeju-do) at a Japanese restaurant, a ZAINICHI style wedding reception at a Chinese restaurant, a traditional Korean wedding ceremony, a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony, weddings in churches and Weddings in Korean wedding halls, etc. With an interest in how these various forms share the significance of the birth a new family, the artist has created a new kind of ceremony based on the wedding cultures she had thus far experienced, performing her own wedding as art on two separate occasions. The communities surrounding the bride and groom gather for a new ceremony and form a family in it.

1ch video of 18min, The Real Wedding Ceremony, are shown attendees of a wedding, each with their own role to perform transforming into one big family while experiencing one another's cultures, traveling between the spaces and times of Korea and Japan, and between reality and production. Two photographies, Actors #1, #2 presents everyone playing the leading part and quests. Main characters include Gireok Abi (the mancrrying wild geese dolles while leading the groom tn to the ceremony), Gireok Agi( Gireok Abi 's assistant), Storytellert, Singer, Musician, Groom and the Brie, with everyone else being the family and guests. A closer look at the cast and you will find faces from SAIESEO:between two Koreas and Japan and  sweet hours. Narration by Gireok Abi explains sensible and irrational notion on weddings, shuttling between the actual scenes directing.