sweet hours 2001 - 2016


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sweet hours is a story about schools and the diverse individuals who attend them. The school here refers to the education site One experiences while growing up as a child and teenager. Although every individual, generation and culture will have different memories of school attendance, will have different memories of school attendance, the school generally influences our individual identities, and functions as a social setting where one can enjoy truly congenial friendships, in schools, and every member of a school has and will continue to have an infinitely unique experience day in and day out.

This piece is a space in which the artist's memories of her adolescence and fragments of children's daily lives are collected for peaceful everyday life to be accumulated, and consists of the photographs and sounds the artist has collected since 2001. One may hear the sounds of a school, including children's chatter, by putting an ear to the de installed at the center of the space.

Kita Osaka Korean School celebrates its sixtieth year in 2017, but ten or less students are currently enrolled in each grade, except for the twenty-four-student ninth grade at the school. This artwork, fifteen years in the making, is about the artist's, and our, schools, which are gradually changing in step with broader social transformations.