SAIESEO: between two Koreas and Japan 2008 - 2016


SAIESEO: between two Koreas & Japan excerpt version, 1ch video 5min, 2008 (subtitle: Korean)


SAIESEO: between two Koreas and Japan is a story about families in the Zainichi(Koreans who immigrated to Japan during the Japanese colonial era, and their descendants who remained in Japan) community, as the artist herself was born into and grew up in a Zainichi community. The Zainichi have spent prolonged time in between the three countries of North Korea, South Korea and Japan. Although outsiders tend to consider the Zainchi to be homogeneous, the artist seeks to reveal how diverse identities exist within Zainichi communities, just like in any other community, through the personal histories of several Zainichi families. The artist conducted interviews with different families about their histories in order to individualities to life, extensively engaging in conversations to determine her main characters and contents, and met with her subjects face-to-face in their living rooms, with camera in hand. Fourth and fifth generation Zainichi people are being born now, and one will be able to inspect each generation's views on marriage and education, and identities as the Zainichi continue to balance three different cultures.