go-betweens 2013

02_KIMinsook_gobetweens_MeeHee_digital c-print_2005-2010-2002_80x150cm_2013.jpg
gobetweens, MeeHee, digital c-print, 80x150cm, 2005-2010-2002

01_KIMinsook_gobetweens_HeeSa_digital c-print_2003-2011-2009_53x10cm.jpg                                     go-betweens, HeeSa, digital c-print, 53x10cm, 2003-2011-2009

"go-betweens 2013" is a series of portraits that involves the repeated cultivation of two girls. Since becoming an artist, KIM insook envisioned the concept of capturing the different emotions between society, culture, history, a country, various borders and world including the ideology in times and generation.

From "go-betweens 2013", KIM insook wanted to present two photos that portrayed all the qualities from her concept through two girls' growth process. KIM insook's photos capture the two girl's various stages of life, going between childhood to adulthood.


2013年に制作した<go-betweens>は二人の少女のポートレート連作である。作家になってから12年間の間展開してきた作業概念を一枚の作品のなかにより深く込めようと試みた。<sweet hours>の撮影で出逢い、現在まで追い続けている彼女達の成長過程を見せるポートレート連作であり、時代と世代、社会、文化、歴史、国、イデオロギーなど、様々な境界と世界を繋ぐgo-between(仲介者)の役割をするであろう。


2013년에 제작한 <go-betweens> 두 소녀의 포트레이트 연작이다작가가 되고 나서부터 12년동안 전개한 작업개념을 하나의 작품 속에 보다 깊이 담고자 하였다. <sweet hours>에서 인연을 맺게   소녀의 성장과정을 보여주는 포트레이트 연작이며 시대와 세대사회문화역사나라이데올로기  다양한 경계와 세상을 이어주는go-between(중계자) 역할을  것이다.