Hainan Haikou HIYEAF 2014, China, 19 Sep - 5 Oct 2014


HIYEAF 2014(Haikou International Youth Experimental Arts Festival)

Female artists Group Exhibition "Haikou Reflection"


Curator: Kim Doyeon

Artist: KIM insook, Suzanne Somer, Zhang Xuerui

Date: 19 Sep - 5 Oct 2014

Venue: Laojie Cultural Exhibition Hall( Zhongshan Rd.)

Open Hours: 15:00 - 21:00 (Close Monday)

Web: www.hiyeaf2013.org

In the seventeen days from September 19 to October 5, we will bring nearly 30 art programs, including visual art exhibitions, films, music, dances, workshops and interdisciplinary experiments. Old Street in Haikou will still be our main venue. HIYEAF started since last year will keep lingering in and near Old Street. Particularly, we will expand two more spaces - Xiuying Fort and university twon - in which, Xiuying Fort will present photography and video art exhibitions of visual art section. Its beautiful environment will provide a stable transit time. In university town, we will input music and performance art. Splendid performances performed by young artists will sense the pulse of the young and release the mutual respect in time. ......Festival Director: HUANG RUI


"Haikou Reflection" is a female artists' group exhibition from different culture and art back ground. Each artist who participated in Haikou reflection will stay in Haikou a few days and they make their work on the inspiration got in Haikou. Artists use the local material they got in Haikou, or communicate with public in Haikou. Suzanne Somer from Holland collects object from Haikou to make her art work. KIM insook from Korea researches the old stories and memories from Laojie and recreate them through workshop with kids from Haikou. Zhang Xuerui uses old clothes from Haikou to make her installation work. ...... Curator: Kim Doyeon


海口国際青年実験芸術祭はアーティスト・ 黄鋭ファンルイ)をフェスティバルプロデューサー とし、919日から105日まで17日間、ビジュアル·アートの展覧会、映画、音楽、ダンス、ワークショップ、学際的な実験を含め、約30のアートプログラムを行うフェスティバルである。

<海口鏡像: Haikou Reflection>展は異なる文化や芸術、バックグラウンドを持つ3人の女性アーティストによる展覧会。各アーティストが数日間海口に滞在し、地元の素材を使用して作品を制作する。 Suzanne Somer (オランダ)は海からのオブジェクトを収集して作品を作る。金仁淑は海口の昔からの子どもの記憶をリサーチし原住民から伝わる帽子を使って子供たちに記憶を繋げるワークショップを行いインスタレーションを完成させる。Zhang Xuerui(中国)は海から用いた古着を使用して作品を仕上げる。


하이코우국제청년실험예술제는 아티스트 黄鋭황루이를 총 감독으로 919일부터 105일까지 17일동안 시각예술 전시, 영화, 음악, 댄스, 워크샵 등 학제적이고 실험적인 약 30개의 아트 프로그램을 진행하는 아트페시티벌이다.

<海口鏡像 Haikou Reflection>.는 다른 백그리운드를 가진 여성아티스트들의 3인전이다. Suzanne Somer (네달랜드)는 바다에서 오브제를 수집하여 작품을 제작한다. 김인숙은 하이코우의 옛날 어린이들의 기억을 수집하여 원주민들부터 전해지는 모자를 사용하여 하이코우의 초등학생들과 워크샵을 진행하여 설치작품을 완성한다. Zhang Xuerui(중국)은 바다에서 가져온 헌옷들을 사용한 작품을 설치한다

20140919_HAIKOU01.jpgKIM insook project <Continuous Way 2014 Haikou> Installation view: click!

KIM insook Kids work shop

Date: 21 - 24 Sep 2014