Dong Gang International Photo Festival, Young Artist Exhibition, Korea, 22 July - 22 Sep. 2013


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Dong Gang International Photo Festival,


Artists : OH Suk-kuhn, KWON Jihyun, KIM insook

Curator : PARK Youngmi (Curator, Parkgeonhi Foundation)

Exhibition Coordinator : CHOI Hyunjin

Location : DongGang Museum of Photography the 6th Exhibition Hall

Date : 22 July - 22 Sep. 2013

Text : Park youngmi click!

In the human society, there are certain frames for us to live together including the constitution to sustain the country, rules and orders as well as ethics and the culture to follow and share. And every society needs people who fulfill the roles appropriated under its own order and norms, having the systems to foster the individuals. In most civilized countries, we call the organization which has this system a school.
Youth collection shows ourselves growing up as the complete members of the society. As the education is not only the current issue but also the standard to tell the history and future of a society, the social issues not just superficially existing in space and time are brought up through 3 photographers' points of view in this exhibition.




<青春コレクション/Youth Collection>というタイトルつこの覧会学校完全なる一員として過程でのするストである。

OH Suk-kuhn, KWON Jihyun, KIM insook、3のアティスト作品構成された覧会学校教育歴史現在ることができる基準になるというかはじまり、全般する問題定義っている。しさと幸福追求享受しなければならない青少年期する3つの視線過程目的して再度考察することができる提供するであろう。


YOUTH COLLECTION Installation view :

Dong Gang International Photo Festival :