2013 MMCA Residency Changdong, Korea


Title: Stacking Hours 2013

Collaborators: KIM insook, KIM myongkwon, 4 Children from "ChaekBo-graphy"

Materials: 2 channel video, school desk and chair 

Date: 9 - 30 May 2013

Place: National Art Studio, Changdong  

You might see the image of present day children moving desks and chairs and a mountain of desks and chairs. And then, "Stacking Hours", an installation which piled up memories of 'school' ranging from old childhood to the present where today's children interacts with senior residents who were once children. "Stacking Hours" work together with children.

<Stacking Hours>는 책걸상을 나르는 소년들의 영상과 책걸상 산더미의 설치작품이다. 옛 소년들로부터 현재 소년들에 이르기까지 많은 이들의 '학교'에 대한 기억을 소년들과 함께 쌓아 올렸다. 김인숙. 김명권과 함께 <ChaeckBo-graphy>에 참여한 아이들의 공동제작작품이다.

<Stacking Hours>は机と椅子を運ぶ少年たちの映像と机と椅子の山で表現されインスタレーション作品である。 昔の少年たちと現在の少年たちに至るまで、多くの子供たちの『学校』に関する記憶を少年たちと一緒に積み上げた。金仁淑、金明権、そして<ChaeckBo-graphy>に登場する子供たちと共に制作した共同作品である。