2013MMCA Residency Changdong, Korea

20130522_Continuous Way_Final Report.jpg

<Continuous Way - Report and Analysis>, the book which includes urban analysis of Chang 2,3 Dong and puts together data of this exhibition, is installed. <Continuous Way - Report and Analysis> is supposed to be re-edited during this exhibition and completed as <Continuous Way - Final Report> at the end of this exhibition.

2,3동 지역의 도시 분석과 이번 전시를 총괄하는 책자인 <소년들이 소년들에게 - 보고서''>은 전시기간 중에 재구성되어 전시가 끝나는 시점에서 <소년들이 소년들에게 - 보고서>로 완성되었다.

倉2,3洞地域の年分析と今回のプロジェクトを総括する<少年から少年達へ - 報告書案>は展覧会期中に再構成され、展覧会が終わる時点で<少年から少年達へ - 報告書>が完成された。

Title: 소년들이 소년들에게 - Continuous Way - Final Report

Materials: news print paper P.57

Date: 9 - 30 May 2013

Place: National Art Studio, Changdong