"PRIVATE N.52" 2011 SPRING, France



Title: PRIVATE N.52 - Contemporary Photography SOUTH KOREA


Trend and Tasks of Contemporary Photography in Korea. "Even though it has been only about 10 years since photography was included in art in Korea, photography is becoming the very basics and center of the whole art field as it goes through amazing changes."
(Yeonha Choi)


Artists: Suyeon Yun, Jae Kwang Yang, Suntag Noh, Hyun-sun Yoon,Suk Kuhn Oh, Aaron Choe, Sungman Kim, Sunmin Lee, Jeong Mee Yoon, Jae-gu Kang, Insook Kim(p.62-67), Eric Perriard, Eun Koung Ko, Nils Clauss






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